Opafer™ Drinking Water Filtration

Advanced drinking water filtration technologies with a range of media options.

Advanced drinking water filtration technologies with a range of media options.

Opafer™ offers advanced drinking water filtration technologies with a range of media options for small to medium-sized organisations. This range of small-scale, compact, skid-mounted units is suitable for temporary or permanent use and can be adapted on site to meet different flow rates and concentration levels.
Opafer™ does not require any cleaning or regeneration and has a short manufacturing lead time. Once saturated, the media is replaced to maintain treatment capacity and can be disposed of at special waste sites.

Drinking Water Filtration

Opafer drinking water filtration provides pure and freshly filtered drinking water on tap, avoiding the expense and inconvenience of bottled drinking water. Opafer filtration units are totally configurable to meet different needs. A key benefit of the Opafer system is that there is no need for cleaning or regeneration. When the filter media is saturated it is simply replaced.

Water Treatment Applications

We design and manage innovative solutions for a wide range of water and wastewater treatment applications.

A global leader in water technology, we build private and municipal drinking water treatment plants across the UK.


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