Nanofiltration technology to remove hardness, pesticides, bacteria and pollutants in drinking water.

Nanofiltration technology to remove hardness, pesticides, bacteria and pollutants in drinking water.

OPAMEM™ Nano skid-mounted systems use nanofiltration to treat drinking water by removing hardness, pesticides and micropollutants, sulfates and nitrates, viruses and bacteria, and total dissolved organic carbon (COT/COD). OPAMEM™ Nano is generally integrated into a drinking water production system that requires an efficient and adapted pretreatment, depending on the water to be treated (surface water, drill water, ground water, etc.). Nanofiltration covers a broad spectrum of parameters under a single technology and significantly reduces the use of chemicals. 

OPAMEM™ Nano utilises proven technology using an efficient nanofiltration process and can offer both standard and tailor-made systems.

What is Nanofiltration?

Nanofiltration is a membrane filtration process with pore sizes which are smaller than those used in microfiltration and ultrafiltration. Opamem Nano systems treat drinking water by removing:

- Total dissolved organic carbon (COT/COD)

- Natural organic matter

- Pesticides

- Bacteria and Viruses

- Hardness

- Nitrates and sulfates

- Partial TDS

- Cryptosporidium.

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